Protest Erupted After Army man Thrashed Teacher & Students In District Pulwama Kashmir


  • ​Hundreds of students on Tuesday staged a protest after army men allegedly thrashed their mates and a teacher inside a State-run tuition centre in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.The students, most of them girls, took to streets in Lassipora area of the district andshouted pro-freedom and anti-army slogans.A protester said that army men barged into CM’s super-50 coaching centre and thrashed them and their teacher.He said the teacher and four students were injured in the army action.The injured were shifted to a medical facility for treatment.A health official said that the injured were discharged after first aid. “His (teacher’s) two teeth were broken. X-rays were conducted on the injured students,” he said.Reports said that some youth gathered near the coaching centre had earlier jeeredat and pelted stones at the army men who were passing by.They said that police have reached at the spot and were trying to pacify the protesting students.

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