Moulana Dawoodi sahab brings Sacred Hair of Muhammad (s.a.w) from Gujrat to Kashmir


 Reported by:- Sakib Dass

ANANTNAG 25th March 2017

  • Founder of  Tehreek Soutul auliya jummu kashmir Moulana Abdur Rasheed Dawoodi has announced the happy news to the people of kashmir last night on Friday when he was awarded with a holy relic Moi-e-Muqaddas sacred hair of Prophet Muhammad (saw) by the hands of Abdul Qoyoum Qadri in Gujrat Ahmadabad on friday. Dawoodi has given the so many sermons from last three mounths continue outside his state .When the news spread to the whole kashmir valley,The Loveness were showing on the faces of people in kashmir.Hundreds of people & islamic scholars early in the morning were waiting to Dawoodi sahab at Srinagar international Airport, he was coming from Gujrat with holy relic.Further the sacred hair of Muhammad (saw) was taking to institute of Soutul auliya at Anantnag by rally at which it was shown to thousands of gathered people on 1:00pm

8 thoughts on “Moulana Dawoodi sahab brings Sacred Hair of Muhammad (s.a.w) from Gujrat to Kashmir


    Fire test can give us more faith,as earlier Aurangzeb did to hazratbal shrine with holi relic after that they forward it to hazratbal shrine…


  2. Ayesha quraishi

    Assalam al kum dawood sahb great news for we kashmir now ver can we see the hair of our beloved prophet muhammad saw pbuh plz we r restless vid out seeing dayz plz reply


  3. Jan Muhammad

    Plz told me I hv heard that whenever our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)trim sacrid body hairs they flew upon air,And few things which are present today are Turban,Aasa mubark etc and these things are preserved in Egypt…..plz convey



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