Bemina habitants decline Army’s Help

Via:- Kashmir Reader

A contingent of army that appeared in the area along with a Cassipir mine-proof vehicle was asked to leave by residents.
The residents also did not allow the soldiers to take pictures.
“Why do we need their help? We have been helping each other since water entered the colony. We don’t want anybody to do propaganda like 2014,” Mohammad Rajab, a resident said.
“We won’t repeat the mistake of taking their help. We already have enough number of people from local NGOs working since midnight,” he added.
As many as 26 volunteers of various groups rushed to the spot to seal the breach with sand bags and rescue people.
“We are monitoring the water level closely to minimise the damage,” said Atif, a volunteer.
The hype created by Indian media outlets around army’s involvement during 2014 floods drew flak from the local population because they felt army’s efforts were grossly exaggerated. Also, the Indian Air Force charged the state government Rs 500 crore for “rescue sorties”.


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