Renowned Scholar Pir Saqib Shamsi of Canada delivered his sermon to Kashmiri people.


 Srinagar: 30th April 2017

Head of Karawan-e-Islami Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami has called that separatists Given shutdown call today because he knows today is my Shah Jeelan conference. He also demanded immediate ban on the sale of liquor in Kashmir terming it as the root cause of all social evils.Speaking at the international annual Shah-e- Jeelan (RA) conference at Shadipora on Sunday, Moulana Hami said that people of

Kashmir need to study and research on spiritual and basic teachings of Islam to defeat designs aimed at triggering sectarian clashes. “I can see there are many elements who want to divide people of Kashmir on sectarian lines, we need to rise to an occasion to defeat such designs,” Moulana Hami said.Over one lakh people participated in the conference that was addressed by world renowned Islamic scholars that include peer Saqib shahmi and moulana kounsar Rubani .

Many other Islamic Scholars also participated in the Conference that includes Ulema from Makaah, Madina and Baghdad.Moulana Hami also demanded complete ban on sale and distribution of liquor in Kashmir stating that liquor was the main reason for rising social evils in the valley. “We have been demanding ban on wine since past many years but government has been delaying the issue,” he said. “We started anti-liquor campaign in Kashmir in 2006, but government always sabotaged our move. Anti-liquor bill is still pending in Assembly.” He termed ISIS as anti-Islamic. “Our Prophet (SAW) had predicted about these anti-Islamic elements 1400 years ago. These elements are involved in massacres of innocents while as Islam teaches us to love and care even for non-Muslims,” he said. Moulana also threw light on the teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW) and asked people to follow the footsteps of beloved Prophet (SAW). He said that it was high time that the government must impose ban on sale of liquor and grant permission to Karwan-e-Islami to construct a University. Later talking to reporters, Hami said that huge money is being pumped into trigger sectarian divide in Kashmir.

 Moulana Abdul Rashid spoke on the occasion who threw light on the life and teachings of Ghous-e-Azam, Hazrat Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA).


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